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Laxmi Ji Temple

When Sri Krishna was doing the divine dance (maharas) in madhuvan at that time laxmi ji with her feelings to saw the dance reached vrindavan.

There Sri Krishna said to laxmi ji that you will be worshiped in kalyuga here, that's why this is not your time to come. From that time lakshmi ji used to live on the northwest banks of Yammuna River in khaddar, which is 3km far from Vrindavan.

Today a big temple has built and the fair is arranged on all the Thursdays of the month. Huge crowd can be seen over there. Here in whole this month the prasadam of khichidi and lots of community free food program are also arranged in this period.

All the people after covering the mile came over here just in believe that if they have a darshana of laxmi they get her blessings in this time being