Agritourism in India

Agricultural and Rural Village Tourism with Farm House Visit

Come summers and we all have an urge to break-free! We want to rush to reach the height of the mountains or soak in the deep of the seas! But there is one more way to freshen up our senses and that is the natural environment of the farms. We search for nature on vacations but little do we think about Agritourism in India which is closest to nature. The unique smell of soil, green fields all around and the great pleasure of having fresh fruits and vegetables directly from the trees is indeed an experience to gain at least once in life.

What is Agritourism

Agri tourism is leisurely activities in the rural areas that help a person understand and appreciate the land and the people who live on it. Agritourism in India is the brand new form of tourism where a farmer can use his farm for tourism purposes. It enables a tourist to explore the humble farm life and learn some interesting facts about farming.

Agro Tourism Destination in India

Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, India ( A Village Near Vrindavan )

Few Heartwarming Activities as an Agro Tourist

As an agri-tourist, you get to live the life of a villager like milking the cow in the early morning, ploughing the fields, taking bath in the well or river, climb a tree and pluck fruits directly from it. You can buy produce directly from the land navigating a corn maze, slopping hogs, feed the animals, stay like a farmer, engage in farming activities, experience the bullock cart ride, tractor ride, fly kites, eat authentic food, wear traditional clothes, understand the local culture, enjoy the folk songs and dance or staying at a bed and breakfast on a farm.

Agriculture: The Culture of India

Yes, in Agriculture lies the culture of India. It is our chief occupation and it takes the hard work and labor of a farmer to till the land, ploughing the fields and grow tons of food grains, fruits and vegetables in the farms and orchards. It is indeed a great sight to watch these farmers work on their lands and live a simple life in their hut in the village. What they grow is pure, fresh and natural just like their life which is simple and grounded! An agri-tourist gets the honor to spend some time on the farm and live in the company of freshness and nature! The farmer is the humblest of workers who works silently but when it comes to hosting a guest, they leave no stone unturned in hospitality and making his trip memorable. Here are some interesting facts about our chief occupation

  • About 75% of our population is dependent on agriculture
  • About 90 million farmers are living in 6. 25 Lakhs villages
  • About 26% of our GDP comes from agriculture

Yet we are unable to give our farmers a prosperous life that is to say proper food, shelter and education. Thus, it needs some supplementary activities to increase his incomes and Agritourism is one such activity. It also helps in contributing to the GDP and at the same time provides the tourist with a completely new arena for exploration!

potato farming

Benefits for an Agri tourist

As an agri tourist, you get to live near a farmland and you have just nature for company. You get to wake up early in the morning and feel the bliss of nature. You can also do various rural activities.

  • Milking the cow in the early morning
  • Ploughing the fields and taking bath in the Well or Borewell Water
  • Climb a tree and pluck fruits directly from it.
  • Buy produce directly from the land navigating a corn maze
  • Slopping hogs and feed the animals
  • Stay like a farmer and engage in farming activities
  • Experience the bullock cart and tractor ride
  • Fly kites and eat authentic food
  • Enjoy the folk songs and dances in evening

You get to wear traditional clothes and understand the local culture. You can also have breakfast on the farm. It is hydrating as well as so healthy and an entirely new experience to cherish forever!

Wheat Farm Tourist Visit

What is Village Life

Direct touch with Nature. Village Life is very simple, sincere and frank. Nothing artificial and no hypocrisy just enjoy with natural gifts. They enjoy real peace of mind because they are free from the unnecessary worries of life. Beautiful scenes of nature, fresh air, pure healthy foods, milk, oil, real people, and quiet life all these things come to our mind when we think of the village. Here you can enjoy the natural way of life in full resting from the city bustle.

rural agri tour

Importance of Taking an Agri tour or Agro Tour

Agritourism is the newest form of tourism where you get to feel the beauty of nature in its purest form and come closest to the earth. Our children are immersed in the world of books and mobile all throughout the year. Their eyes are pinned in their cartoons and videos and seldom get a chance to feel the bliss of nature. There is a great need to give them a break from this commercial set up and introduce them with Mother Nature. They will get to -

  • Play in mud and get soaked in the splash of the Borewell water.
  • Get the nourishment of the farm fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Take the Healthy Fresh Milk, Curd, Pure Ghee and Mustard oil
  • Experience the tough life of a farmer in the village.
  • Unload the pressure of the school and office life and enjoy the natural surroundings.

The children as well as the adults will earn some refreshment and get ready for another innings in the hectic city life.

Rural Birds

peacock van

Plan Your Itinerary

Agritourism is indeed the best way to relax and unwind from your daily struggle of life. Stay in the village, spend time with a farmer and his family, enjoy the unique taste of fresh cooked food and go to bed after watching a folk song and dance program. So no need to wait to have this earthy experience, just contact us and make hay in the natural surroundings.

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