Belvan - Laxmi Ji Mandir

In the Dwapar era, Lord Krishna used to perform Raas at Belvan on the banks of the Yamuna near Mant. Once Lord Krishna played the flute during Maharas, its sound reached Devlok. When Mahalaxmi asked Naradji, he told that Lord Krishna is playing the flute on the banks of the Yamuna in Belvan.

Laxmi ji reached Belvan and when she wanted to enter the Raas, the Gopis present there stopped her. Mahalakshmi called the gopis good or bad. Shri Krishna felt bad, he told MahaLaxmi that these are not ordinary gopis. He has achieved the good fortune of joining the Raas by doing penance for thousands of years. If you also want to participate in the Raas, then first you have to please the Gopis by doing penance. Only then I will include you in the raas.

After this she got angry and sat facing Vrindavan and started doing penance. It is said that when MaLakshmi was sitting for penance, Shri Krishna was tired of performing Rasleela and told Mother Lakshmi that he was feeling hungry. In such a situation, Ma Lakshmi tore a part of her sari and lit a fire with it and fed them by making khichdi with her own hands. Shri Krishna was pleased to see this. Meanwhile, Ma Laxmi expressed her desire to stay in Braj. On this Shri Krishna gave him permission.

It is believed that since then Maha Lakshmiji is doing penance here in the form of Gopi. In Dwapar Yuga this place was called Belavan because of the abundance of Bael trees. It is only two kilometers away from Vrindavan. According to beliefs, this story is related to the month of Paush ( December- January ). That's why a big fair is organized here every Paush ( December- January ) month. Along with this, it is also believed that even today Goddess Lakshmi is worshiping Kanhaiya here.

Ma Lakshmi is still doing penance in Belvan on the banks of Yamuna. A fair is held on every Thursday of the month of Paush (December- January).

Belvan has a different atmosphere during the month of Paush (December- January). Khichdi festival is organized here every Thursday in the month of Paush (December- January). In this fair, devotees come from far and wide and bring with them the ingredients for making Khichdi. They make a chulha here and sit and cook khichdi in it. After this, they themselves consume this Khichdi after distributing it as Prasad

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