Cow Shelter

Cow Shelter Vrindavan, Mathura

We are on initial stage and aim is, for Caring for Sick Cows, Injured Cows and help them to provide cow shelter in Vrindavn, Mathura. We can help in picked up cow from city all over Mathura Vrindavn areas and try to provide them lifetime accommodation with clean water, food and medical attention in already running cow shelters in Mathura-Vrindavan areas.

Our Aim

  • Conducting activities aimed at protecting and caring for lord krishna cows.
  • Save The Holy Cow
  • To set up world class Cow Hospital.
  • To set up world class Cow Shelter in Mathura, in Birthplace of Lord Krishna

Save the pillar of Indian agrarian Economy—Holy Cow!

Cow that has been worshipped like a goddess since ages is being mercilessly slaughtered in the recent times once a cow attains non-productive age for its flesh, skin and bones. According to Hindu mythology, it's a great sin.

Few State Governments have implemented the laws prohibiting sending of cows to slaughter houses. However if we need to put a halt to the brutal killing of the sacred cows, we can all do our individual contribution by saying a BIG 'No' to beef.

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