Krishna Maharaas Leela

Story of Maha Raas

Maha Raas Leela, a form of continuous praise and worship dance performance where the devotees of Lord Krishna get allured and dance away in the magic of his devotion! "Maharaas Leela" is performed in the 'Braj' area of Gokul and Vrindavan and millions of devotees come and participate in it. It is the extension of the well known 'Raas Lila' which is depicted in all our famous Indian dance forms like Bharatnatyam, Oddissi and Manipuri etc. This dance depicts the Vrindavan of 5000 years ago where the gopis were crazy about Shri Krishna and danced madly in his devotion.

Maharaas Leela: The Legend

The story goes that 5000 years ago, when Shri Krishna was a 10 year old boy, all the gopis (village bellies) including Radhaji were extremely fond of him so much that they took a up a very difficult fast Katyaayni Vrat to get him as their husband. Shri Krishna tried to make them understand but in vain! It was then that Shri Krishna promised to fulfill their desire. And thus one night at Vrindavan, on the banks of the river Yamuna Shri Krishna began to play his flute. All the gopis charmed by the music gathered there and started dancing around him. They were under such a deep spell that no one could stop them. And this inspired the highly popular 'Maharaas Lila'!

It is also said that at that time Lord Shiva also wanted to watch the "Maha Raas Leela". He went there but he was told by a boatman that he will have to take the guise of a woman. He changed his get-up and started to dance as a gopi along with them. He became so deeply involved that he lost control over himself and his real self was revealed. Shri Krishna was surprised to see Lord Shiva. It even disturbed him but on knowing the reason, he forgave him. Lord Shiva is also called 'Gopeshwar' for this reason!

Come, feel the Magic!

So just like the famous 'Raas Lila' in "Maharaas Leela" also, the men dress as women (gopis) as dance uncontrollably for days in the devotion of Shri Krishna. They forget everything! It looks amazing and devotees from all over the world gather to watch it! So why wait, come and get besotted in the Dance of Devotion!

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