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Truly, Books are a man's best friend and when it concerns religion, it becomes all the more significant! They not only provide us enlightenment about our religion but they also work as our support system in times of misery and distress! For this reason we have brought for you a wide range of religious books related with Shri Krishna as we all know that there is no better 'consoler' than Lord Shri Krishna" He is the only one who can provide eternal peace, comfort and strength and help us stay afloat in this cruel world!

We have "Bhagvad Gita", "Mahabharata", "Krishna Charita" by Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyaya, "Shri Krishna Leela", "Shri Radha-Krishna Leela Rahasya", "Bhagvad Gita aur Shri Krishna" by Swami Vivekanand and "Shri Krishna, the Darling of Humanity" by A.S.P. Ayyar and lots of other religious books! They will help you learn about Shri Krishna and even make you wiser about life!

The "Mahabharata" written by the great sage Shri "Ved Vyas" is a narration of the epic war which was fought between the 'Kauravas' and the 'Pandavas' at Kurukshetra. Having 1,00,000 Shlokas, it is considered as the longest poem ever written. The Pandava prince 'Arjuna' was very close to Shri Krishna. It happened that during the war both 'Duryodhana', the eldest Kaurava prince and Arjuna went to Shri Krishna to ask for help. In the morning, 'Duryodhana' went and sat at the head of the bed on which Shri Krishna was sleeping while Arjuna sat at his feet. Shri Krishna saw Arjuna first and asked him what he wanted! At this Duryodhana got angry and sarcastically said Shri Krishna always takes the side of Arjuna only! Shri Krishna negated this argument and asked him what he wanted! Duryodhana happily asked for a large army of billions of soldiers. Shri Krishna promised to give him his wish! Arjuna, on the other hand, just asked Shri Krishna to accompany him! Shri Krishna agreed! And as we all know the Mahabharata war was won by the Pandavas.

The "Bhagvad Gita", on the other hand, is the holy book of the Hindus. It is referred to as the 'Songs of the Lord'. It has 700 Sanskrit verses which are a part of the epic 'Mahabharata". It is a narrative between the Pandava prince Arjuna and his charioteer 'Shri Krishna'. Our father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi has rightly described the significance of the "Bhagvad Gita" -

"When doubts haunt me, when disappointments stare me in the face, and I see not one ray of hope on the horizon, I turn to Bhagavad-Gita and find a verse to comfort me; and I immediately begin to smile in the midst of overwhelming sorrow. Those who meditate on the Gita will derive fresh joy and new meanings from it every day."

There are many more books which provide strength and wisdom to solve our daily problems as well as help us to live righteously! So browse our collection and enhance the quality of your life!

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