Radha Rani Temple, Mant

Radha, the beloved one of Shri Krishna, his other half and the incarnate of Goddess Laxmi! Radha Rani holds the same place in the heart of the devotees as Shri Krishna. For them the way to Shri Krishna is through Radha and thus the devotees chant the name of Radha before Krishna and chant Radhe-Krishna. Therefore, the Radha Rani Mandir near Vrindavan is a very special temple for the devotees.

Radha Rani Mandir: the Bitter Chamber of Radha!

The Radha Rani Mandir on the banks of River Yamuna is about 7 km from the great sacred place Vrindavan in Mathura. The deep love of Shri Krishna for his childhood friend Radha is a universally known fact. Shri Krishna, the incarnate of Lord Vishnu and Radha, the incarnate of Goddess Laxmi in this world had a fondness for each other which as they grew young converted in love. Both indulged in many pastimes (lila) together and Shri Krishna enjoyed teasing Radhaji. And Radhaji loved Shri Krishna dearly, with all her body, mind and soul but did not like when Shri Krishna teased her and played games with her.

In one moment like this at Vrindavan, Shri Krishna was surrounded by other gopis (village bellies) and he started romancing with them in front of Radhaji. This made Radhaji very angry and she ran from there and went and hid in this house. She instructed her friends not to let Shri Krishna in as she was very angry with him. Her friends went and stood before the door.

Shri Krishna became worried when he did not see Radha as even he could not live without her. He searched for her everywhere but did not find her. He became very sad and finally reached this house. The friends of Radha allowed him to go in after much persuasion. He met Radhaji consoled her and apologized for his behavior only then Radhaji could be calmed. He explained her that the real meaning of Love was not in possession and Shri Krishna was desired by everyone but the one who Shri Krishna desired was only Radha! This made Radhaji very happy. Hence, this wonderful play of Shri Krishna and Radhaji is engraved in the form of Radha Rani Mandir at this very place. The devotees flock in large numbers to this temple to take the blessings of Radha Rani and Shri Krishna.

Travel to Radha Rani Mandir

Radha Rani Mandir is about 7 km from Vrindavan in Mathura district in Uttar Pradesh. Mathura is connected with all the major cities by trains and buses. You can reach Mathura through the Delhi Agra Expressway also. On reaching here one can easily take a taxi or a bus to reach Radha Rani Mandir. For staying Vrindavan has many Hotels for every budget which you can book either online or when you reach there.

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