Raman Reti

Playground of Shri Krishna!

The wonderful place where Shri Krishna indulged in all sorts of mischievous antics (lila) and played games with Radha and his cow herder friends is located in Gokul, a few kilometers away from Mathura. The devotees believe that the marks of the feet of Shri Krishna are still imprinted in the sand and hence have a great reverence of this place.

Raman Reti: The Holy Sand of Gokul!

A few kilometers away from Mathura, Raman Reti, the sandy land where Shri Krishna and Radhaji performed many of their plays together, lies there near Gokul with utmost pride and reverence for the Lord Shri Krishna and his beloved Radhaji. That sand which was at that time just a muddy land must have known that about 5000 years ahead, it would be worshipped by the devotees and they would consider it rewarding to roll on it and put in their forehead. And why not, Lord Shri Krishna had laid his feet on it along with Goddess Radha and Shri Balram! Lord Krishna must have played in the sand with his cow herder friends and brother Balram as Raman means Divine Plays and Reti denotes Sand. This is the place where Shri Krishna used to wait for Radhaji after which they would go to Vrindavan together.

Raman Reti is a large and spacious sandy compound comprising of beautiful temples, a deer sanctuary and a Bird Sanctuary. On one you can see deers roaming here and there while on the other you can see Swans and Emus basking in sun. It is indeed beautiful. It also has small huts surrounded by green trees to enable the saints, ascetics and pilgrims to relax and enjoy the serene environment. Raman Reti is a popular pilgrimage place not only because it has the imprints of Krishna but because he also killed many demons and performed many miracles here. Raman Reti is indeed a must visit place if you are in Mathura.

Famous Temples and Tourist Places Near Raman Reti

Other Tourist Attractions and Holi Places to Visit in Raman Reti

Deer and Bird Sanctuary

Raman Reti is filled with many endearing sights to see. The deer and Bird Sanctuary has one of the most amazing scenes where you can see deer roaming around and emus and swans enjoying in the pond.

Huts for Sages

Lined up are residential huts to serve as a resting place for pilgrims and sages. Surrounded by flowers and Kadambh Trees, it is a wonderful sight.

Shrine of Gyandasji Maharaj

It is a small shrine and it is believed that Raman Reti was founded by GyanDasji Maharaj.

Travel to Raman Reti

Raman Reti is 14 km ride from Mathura. Mathura is directly connected by Train and Bus from all the major cities. Traveling from Mathura to Raman Reti is the easiest by hiring a Taxi / Car. By flight you can reach Agra / New Delhi and from here you can take a taxi, a bus. You can also reach Raman Reti via the Delhi-Agra OR Yamuna Expressway.

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