Bankey Bihari with Vrindavan Baba

Bankey Bihari and Vrindavan Baba Story

Shri Bankey Bihari Lal Ke Jai!

There used to be a Baba in Dharam Vrindavan who used to worship Lord Shree Krishna and Shri Radha Rani. Once upon a time, Baba was going on the path of Kunjwan after the evening Vandan. On the way, when Baba got down from a tree, his hair became entangled in the hair of the tree. Too many attempts to resolve but did not solve the problem.

Mahatma is also a Mahatma. He sat down and sat in the seat, that if the person who has complied with it will come to solve it, then it is okay, otherwise I will be sitting like this and will give up life. Three days passed to Baba. A samla salona gwal, which was five-seven years old. The boy said with great affection in Brajbhasha - "Baba! You got messed up, hey, can I fix it?" And as soon as the child went ahead in solving the problem - Baba said - "Do not put your hand, go back ... who are you?"

Gwal - Hey! Hamaro Jai Gama Hai Maharaj If I have seen my father's tangle, then I will solve the problem.

Baba - get away or go away. The one who has complied with the problem will solve it.

Gwal - Hey Maharaj! So let's go get the name Waco name, bring the call, bring the call.

Baba - you go! We do not name the name. For some time, the boy used to explain to Baba, but when Baba did not believe, the Goddess Bhakti Bihari came out from Gwal, while speaking the Murali. Saawariya Sarkar said - "Mahatma! I have entangled the matter? Then I came." And as soon as Saawariya went ahead in solving the problem

Baba said - Do not put your hands, do not put your hand, move back. First tell who are you Krishna? Listening to Baba's words, Shrikrishna thought, 'Hey Krishna, what are ten to five?'

Sri Krishna says - Which means Krishna?

Baba - Look, Sri Krishna is many. One Devkindan is Sri Krishna, a Yashodanandan Sri Krishna, a Dwarwikshika Shrikrishna, a daily Nikunja Bihari Srikrishna.

Sri Krishna - Who wants you? Baba - I am the constant worshiper of Nirya Nikunja Bihari Sri Krishna.

Sri Krishna - I am the same. Now let me solve it?

As soon as Shrikrishna went forward to solve the problem, Baba said, "Do not put your hand on me, go back." Hey! Nithya Nikunja Bihari, without a kishori ji, without my lord Shriradhari, do not stay a moment and you stand alone. "It was said to Baba that the electricity in the sky appeared in front of him, and he appeared in front of Srivastavanu Nandini, Vrndavneeshwari, Sriradhikari Baba. And said - "Hey Baba! I am only Lord Krishna, and Shrikrushna is Radha only, we both are one." Now, after seeing the philosophy of the couple's government Baba Anand grew up. Her eyes started flowing with tears. Now as soon as Sridharha and Krishna proceed to resolve the problem - Baba fell down in the stages and said - Lord, now decide what to do, now, settle the life now. Baba prayed such a thing and prostrated his body.

Swaminarayan gave him a place in the daily Leela.

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