Gopi Cheer Haran Lila

Cheer Haran Lila

Once on the bank of Yammuna River, Krishna was nourishing his cows. There he saw, some of gopies are taking bath barely in Yammuna River and they hanged their cloths on the nearby tree.

It does not look good to Krishna and the lord of water, lord varun becames angry. When Hare Krishna came to know about his anger then he went towards the tree and he sat on the tree where the cloths of gopies was hanged by them and started plying his flute.

When gopies heard the sound of flute, they were shocked and started praying Krishna. After long time, Krishna gave divine knowledge to gopies and took the promise from them not to do this kind of mistake in future.

From that time nobody take a bath barely in yammuna river and the place is famous by the name cheer ghaat still that tree is there and people used to tide a piece of cloth on the branch just to ask for the divine blessings and certainly Krishna always full fill them.

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