God Binding Story

God does not Leave After Binding

Lala (Sri Krishna) at a Gopi's house was eating Makhan. At that time Gopi caught Lala. Then Kanhaiya said, 'I swear by your rich and say, Now I will never come to your house again.

Gopi said - Why does my lord have the honor?

Kanhaiya said. Your father's love, just ...

Gopi gets more annoyed and threatens Lala

But why did you come to my house?

Kanhaiya said - Arri Sakhi! You go to the story everyday, Still you do not leave me - I am rich in this house, this house is mine Gopi was happy that Kanhaiya considers my house as his home, Kanhaiya is the owner of all, all the houses belong to him. He does not need to take any orders

Gopi says - why did you eat butter?

Lala said - Who has eaten Makhan? If the ant had climbed in this butterfly, then he put his hand to the exit. In the same way you dried up

Gopi says. But Lala! Even on your lips, the stick is sticking

Kanhaiya said - The ant was removed, only then the fly sat on the heels, when he started blowing, then Makhan would have been lying on the lips as Kanhaiya speaks, No one comes to this saying Like Kanhaiya, Well do not even walk anyone.

Gopi tied behind Lala with a pillar in the house,

The body of Kanhaiya is very soft, when Gopi tightens the lanyas, then Lala has water in the eye. Gopi was sorry,

He asked Lala - Lala! Do you have any problem Lala shook his neck and said - I am very sad, let loose a little. Gopi thought that Lala is not right with the cord, but my lala will be sad. So Gopi kept a little loose and went to tell Sakhiyo that I had tied up Lala.

You make Lala, but do not tell anyone, You should worship well, but do not publish it

If the devotion will be published then God will go away, because of the light of devotion does not increase the devotion, there is no joy in devotion.

Child Krishna went out of the body with a microscopic body And showing Gopi a thumb, said, "Do you know what you mean?" Gopi says - so tell me how to bind Gopi had to play with Lala, tied up with Lala Gopi

When yogis touches Shri Krishna with the mind, then the samadhi takes place. Here Gopi has the touch of direct Lord Krishna. Gopi is engrossed in Lala's philosophy.

Lala binded Gopi. Gopi says to leave Lala! leave! Lala says - it comes to bind me. Do not leave

This creature is such that one comes to leave, No matter how deep But if selfishness is proved then he can leave it too, God does not leave after binding

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