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The Story of the Appearance of Banke Bihari

There is a grand temple of Banke Bihari ji in Vrindavan. There is a statue of Bihari ji in this temple. There is a belief in this statue that in this statue, Lord Krishna and Radha are included. Therefore, only by their philosophy is the result of Radha Krishna's philosophy.

The story of the manifestation of this statue and Leela is very interesting and wonderful, therefore, every year, on the fifth day of Margashirsh month, the Banke Bihari manifesto is celebrated at the Banka Bihari temple.

Guru Swami Haridas, the master of music, Tansen, was the exclusive devotee of Lord Krishna. He dedicated his music to God. Sitting in Vrindavan playing ground Nidhavan used to revive God with his music.

When Haridas Ji sat down in a devotee of God, whenever he used to sing songs, he became absorbed in the Lord. Lord Krishna will come in front of them with their devotion and singing. Haridas ji became enchanting and began to caress Shri Krishna. One day one of his disciples said that you get the vision of Shri Krishna alone; you should also get a glimpse of the Samvar Salon.

After this Haridas ji started singing hymns in the devotion of Shri Krishna. Radha Krishna's couple duo appeared and suddenly changed the tone of Haridas and started singing.

'Brother Rei Sahi Jori reveals Bhai, like Zurang's Gaura Siam Ghan Damini. It is the first time that I am now in front of you. The beauty of the organs, the cleverness of cleverness beauty is such. Swami Shyama Punj Bihari of Haridas, even though.

Sri Krishna and Radha expressed the desire to live near Haridas. Haridas Ji told Krishna that Lord, I am a saint. You will wear a simple dresses but where will you bring the evergreen jewelery to the mother Radhe? Upon listening to the devotee's speech, Krishna Radhe musical couple appeared united and appeared in a vihra form. Haridas ji gave this vigilance to the name of Banke Bihari.

There are visions of this Vihara in Banka Bihari temple. Radha Krishna has both been involved in the Vigrah of Banke Bihari. Anyone who views this vigilance of Shri Krishna, his desires are fulfilled. Lord Shri Krishna removes the pain of his devotee.

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