Sanjivani Shakti Shri Radha

Sanjivani Shakti of Nanda's Lala - Shri Radha

One day, in order to get the juice of Sri Krishna Leela, a groan began to moan in pain at Bella. When Masha Yashoda and Nandbaba saw this condition of Lala, they became distraught. Then a nearby Vaidya brought a call to the doctor When Vaidya ji saw the pulse of Lala, he got nervous as Kanhaiya's eyes were getting close. There were all present but Shriradha and Kirti were not there. Radha was sleeping in her bedroom.

All of us, including Yashoda and Nand Baba, were fluent in seeing the pain of Nayan Kanhaiya. An elderly person from the village said, "No one can do any trick on Lala." If you are a Sukumari girl, then look after Y Baliewar Lala. Lying Kanheya is smiling slowly, because he wants to be healthy only by having his beloved Radha affectionate and touching the lotus. Sakhis reached Radha, they heard the condition of Lala. As soon as I heard this, Sagar Shri Radha ran from there. He survived several places. Priya ji reached near to her fondue and kept her car Saroja on the head of Lala with a calm heart.

Then they got up and made seven revolutions and gave them shisha new in the stages. As soon as this happens, in the beautiful story of Kanhaiya, the communication of life has become like this. When Shri Radhe opened his eyes open, Susanna and Sakuchi ran towards their Tauravhanu Pur.

Such a teenager, Shyamma, who saves the medicine like Sanjeevani Shakti by his grace, then come all the talk Sanjivani Shakti

Radha Rani Ki Jai

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