Krishna Salt Taste Story

Satyabhama and Krishna Salt Taste Story

Once Satyabhama asked Shri Krishna, how do I feel like you?

Shrikrishna said that you look like me salt. Satyabhama became enraged by hearing this comparison, even if compared to what, you have no other substance to compare me in this whole world.

At that time, Shri Krishna persuaded Satyabhama and quieted his anger.

After some days, Shrikrishna organized a banquet in his palace. Chappan Adhod is arranged.

Shrikrushna first urged the eight patrons, who had perfect Satyabhama in cookery, started the meal.

Satyabhama first put the mouth in the mouth but what was it .. There was no salt in the vegetable.

Satyabhama fired that mouth out of the mouth. Then the second mow in the mouth of Mawa-mishri and then chewing it a bad mouth and then with the help of water somehow brought it out of the mouth.

Now the third Kaur again put Kachori in the mouth and then .. Aak..thu! By then, Satyabhama's mercury had reached the seventh heaven. Scream loudly .. What is the cook made this cook?

Upon hearing the voice of Satyabhama, Shrikrishna came running to Satyabhama and asked what happened to Goddess? Something went wrong?

Why are you so angry? Why is your face so agreeable? What happened ?

Satyabhama said who said you had to organize a banquet? Is there a kitchen without salt?

There is no salt in any object. Sweet is not sugar. A mouthful was not eaten. In some way, with the help of water, bring down a mouthful of Mawa from the throat.

Shrikrishna asked in a simple way, as if something had not happened, then what happened without eating salt?

Sathya bhaba then screamed bidding the brain has gone again? Sugar without sugar can be eaten, but no salt can be eaten without salt.

Then Krishna said with his hairy smile, then why was angry on that day when I told you that you are as sweet as me.

Now Satyabhama understood that all this sentence was to teach him a lesson and bowed his neck while other queens smiled. The story implies that the woman is like the water, with whom she meets, she takes on her own merit.

The woman is like salt, who, by erasing her existence, also makes the family like her with love, love and respect.

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