Udhava Krishna Story

Udhava Krishna Story

Udhava ji took Krishna and balram with him and walked towards mathura from Gokul.

Before reaching Mathura they have to cross the yamuna river udhava was in uneasiness for unforeseen trouble. He was in dilemma that might or might be not Kansa will slaughter these two small kids. When Krishna perceives this, he chuckle and he said udhav uncle! We are going to meet king, let’s take a bath in the Yamuna River and udhav also consider it accurate. Udhav ji and both the brothers are taking the bath, in same moment udhav ji take a plunge in yamuna and he reached somewhere. There udhav ji found himself in a jungle.

He came to know that the king of that state has been dead. Huge groups of citizens were coming to participate in the funeral of their king. According to the law of that country whom ever come in front of king funeral becomes successor of the king. Udhav ji become the king of the country since he came in front of king funeral.

After complete hundred years he died. When citizen commence the funeral of the king, just on that moment Krishna said udhav ji you will keep bathing ,would not like to go in the program of king kansa? After bearing in mind the believe in Krishna is originated and after leaving his anxiety he took both of the boys to king kansa. Later on both of them slaughter king kansa.

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