Childhood Place of Krishna & Bankey Bihari Temple

Vrindavan, the town where Krishna or Kanha as he was lovingly called, spent his childhood days! It is located just 12 km away from his birth place Mathura on the Agra Delhi Highway. Vrindavan was originally a forest with lots of flowering trees and bushes where Krishnnaji and Radhaji went to play with their friends.

Vrindavan: The Land of Temples

Dedicated to Radhe-Krishna, the modern town is dotted with especially the beautiful ISKON temple and ‘Bankey-Bihari’ temple which are famous worldwide. The festivals like ‘Holi’ and ‘Appearance Day of Bankey Bihari’ are celebrated in the best way at Vrindavan. The minute you enter Vrindavan you can hear the chants of Radhe-Radhe reverberate in your ears. The natives greet each other not by saying good morning or ‘Namaste’ but with Radhe-Radhe.

Famous Temples and Tourist Places in Vrindavan

Other Tourist Attractions and Holy Places in Vrindavan

Vrindavan is a major pilgrimage place for the Hindus. The River Yamuna flows through the town of Vrindavan. Make a plan for trip to Bankey Bihari.

Madan Mohan Temple

Oldest temples in Vrindavan, Near the Kali Ghat.

Radha Vallabh Temple

The Legend Of Radha Krishna. Founded by Shri Hith Harivansh Mahaprabu

Shahji Temple

Built in 1876 by Shah Kundan Lal. Grand architecture & marble sculptures.

Govind Dev Temple

Established in 1542 by Six Gosvamis of Vrindavan. Located at Seva Kunj.

Radha Damodar Mandir

Nand Baba's house. Lord Siva visit to Sri Krishna in Gokula

Pagal Baba Temple

Eleven storeyed grand white marble temple. Incredibly gorgeous architecture.

Kesi Ghat

Here Demon Kesi killed by Shri Krishna to protect people of Vrindavan.

Gopeshvar Mahadev

Lord Shiv is worshipped as Gopeshwar Mahadev. Shiva want to become a Gopi.

Akshaya Patra Temple

Akshaya Patra mid-day meal program for the poor challenged children of Braj..

Travel to Vrindavan

It is a very easy reach Vrindavan just 11 kilometers from Mathura and 50 km from Agra, you can take a bus, train or plane! There are good hotels and guest houses available for every budget which you can book easily online or on reaching Vrindavan. The nearest places from Vrindavan are Mathura and Agra which is just 11km and 50 km away. It is well connected with all the big cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata and Delhi. You can always take a taxi to Vrindavan.

There is no direct train to Vrindavan. However the nearest stations Mathura and Agra are closely connected with Vrindavan and it is just 11 km ride from Mathura and 50 km ride from Agra. Vrindavan is well connected with all the roads. Especially the Delhi Agra Expressway is the best route to reach the place. You can take either a bus or a taxi to reach there.

Tourist Services in Vrindavan Mathura

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